At (formerly, we help you save efficiently and guide on wise investment. Our singular goal is to help you reach your personal finance goals by encouraging an intentional and consistent money saving habits through daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.


Savings is essential, we can’t afford to spend all, we save to be safe. Yet we understand that many lack the habit of saving, or the strategy of saving. This is one service we render here passionately. Start Saving with us today and save your future.


People can come together and make contribution to be collected in cycles.


Saving money is good, much more is knowing how to spend and multiply it. If we save without the intelligence of how to spend and multiply it. We might continue to struggle financially. We’ve got some professional business and financial advisors here to help you out on this.


We offer loans for our members at a minimal interest rate. Loan is only given after necessary scrutiny is done.

Help Build It

This is a platform where you can create any project like a business idea, or some project of value. You will describe the project and optionally upload any three relevant images. Then you get a link to share it with your family and friends from which they can donate online to help you build the project.

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I have been ruminating on the level of economic growth we would have attained in Nigeria if we have many other financial solution providers like Aocsavers. Being a participant has actually brought about a turn-around in my business finance and great march towards financial freedom. Aocsavers is second to none.

-VICTOR ADEDOKUN/ Data Consultant

I want to specially thank Aocsavers for shaping my habit on how to spend my incomes. I have learnt how to save, how to spend on my needs and not wants. Can you imagine someone who eat with her ten fingers, now have her needs met and still save 40k on a monthly basis without any struggle? Common Aocsavers got my back on my way to financial freedom.

-AnnexMercy kadrils / Business Owner

I really want to appreciate the initiator and the coordinator of Aocsavers. It has really been helpful to me, it helped me have financial discipline and put frugality into practice. Am now used to keeping some and spend the rest principle. God bless the Aocsavers coordinators.

-Adegboyega Oluwasogo Boluwaji / Sales personel

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